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Mothering, Reimagined


​Overwhelm & Stress                          Calm & Resilience

Self Doubt & Confusion                      Confidence & Clarity

Isolation & Loneliness                        Community & Support


  Have it All:Raise Empowered Resilient Children while Nurturing Yourself 



I'm Yael Sunshine, Parent Coach - Special Educator - Yoga Therapist, with 15+ years of experience. I'm here to support you on your parenting journey.

I'm passionate about ushering in a new model of mothering. One where both mothers and children are thriving.

We all face difficulties raising children; unruly behaviors, addiction, learning disabilities, relationship challenges. You might doubt your ability to get through all this. Sometimes, the first step is shedding the storybook image of the perfect mother so you can define what works best for you and your family.


I'm offering the evolution of mothering as you learn to use challenges as the seeds for growth.


Our work together is an opportunity to access your inner wisdom and strength as you discover new ways to nurture your child and yourself. 

Discover the 3 Pillars of Soulfull Mothering 


Dive into tools that reduce overwhelm, stress, and anxiety, allowing you and your child to develop emotional resilience. These simple and powerful practices can include yoga, meditation, breath work, and mindfulness. 


Develop strategies to trust your mothering and help your child thrive. Create and implement a plan of action to deal with your child and family's struggles. Learn effective and individualized parent strategies designed to evolve with your child's needs, providing you with the support and guidance to nurture their growth and development at every stage.


Cultivate strong support networks for both you and your child. Build meaningful connections to enrich your lives. Learn how to foster relationships with family, friends and mentors. Join monthly Moon Circles and a Mothering Facebook Group to build community.

Interested in Working Together? Book a free 1/2 hour discovery call.
"Working with Yael relieved so much stress I felt about my parenting approach and abilities. She helped me align my expectations of my son with ADHD. I now have a much better understanding of his learning differences; where he struggles, where he excels and how to support him.                          
Ellen Kiell
Image by Fuu J

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