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A Powerful Source Lives Inside of You

Moving the Body to Calm the Mind


How I can Help

If you’ve found your way here, you want a new model of health, with a lens on the whole person. I’ve witnessed a powerful source that lies inside of everyone. It is courageous, clear, compassionate, calm, and creative. Even if you can't feel it right now, I can help you or your child connect to inner resources and find greater balance and joy. Through our work together, significant growth can occur.  

Discover how I can help you lead your best possible life.

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing."



In Person/Online

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  Yoga for Anxiety

Full Spectrum Movement

Kundalini Yoga

Anxious to Calm Breakthrough


"Yoga with Yael is a cherished highlight of our week for both mother and daughter.  We enter a sublime spiritual space, replete with restorative healing mantras.  Yael evinces a profound respect for my daughter’s neurological movement needs as well as her emotional well being.  The pressures of the outside world cease as we travel together through meditations and movement, all the while benefiting from Yael’s perceptive insights and ultimate kindness.” Frances Kamien & Serena Kamien-Mattis

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I've been Yael's Kundalini Yoga student for quite some time and our work together has profoundly changed my life. She is both a master yoga instructor and a master educator. Our work together has resulted in the expansion and deepening of my overall spiritual practices, my connection with my energy flow and my body, and improvement in my strength and flexibility. My time with Yael is a highlight of my week. For anyone seeking the very best instruction in Kundalini, Yael is your guru.       Marissa Levin                                                            

"Yael's Kundalini class has been a life changing experience. Each class is full of wisdom, joy and enlightenment. It's played a tremendous role in helping me heal from losses in my life and opened a hidden door to my inner world."    Vivian Li                                                                                                                                  

"Working with Yael has been a great gift to my body and soul, a deep experience of profound healing. After one session I was able to stop medication, feeling deep release and more centered in my body and being. I feel renewed and pain free again." Gillian Sinclair


Yael's intuitive Yoga Therapy is thoughtful and caring. She is dedicated to empowering her clients in the healing process, be it through physical or mental transformation. Having a knowledgable yoga healer like Yael on your side can support the deep and lasting change needed to live in optimal health and alignment."   Dana Slamp, Director of Prema Yoga Therapeutics


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