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My Story

I’m a certified Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) and Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) holding a Master's in Teaching (MAT/ SPED) with certifications in Early Childhood, Childhood and Special Education with over 18 years experience. Besides my work in Yoga for Anxiety and Special Needs, I piloted the Yoga for Breast Cancer class at Montefiore Nyack Hospital and developed a yoga program for addiction that approaches the 12 steps as embodied principles.

I teach both neurotypical and atypical teens to adults. My clients range from high functioning professionals who struggle with anxiety to people with Autism, Down Syndrome, sensory regulation/processing issues, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, as well as speech and language delays. 


You can harness the power of movement to experience increased physical vitality and emotional regulation. Whether you are struggling with acute symptoms or dealing with a chronic condition, expect to feel more relaxed, centered and resilient. 

Discover how I can help you lead your best possible life.


My Approach

Sometimes we don't recognize the events that will change the course of out lives. I was living in Israel during the Gulf War. The sound of air raid sirens and scud missiles became a regular occurrence. At the time I thought I was dealing with it well. It wasn't until life returned to normal that I noticed how jumpy I was. My heart would race whenever I heard a fire engine or police car. It wasn't until I began a regular yoga practice that my system regulated and I regained a sense of calm.

Fast forward to my beginning days as an ABA therapist working with young autistic children. My supervisor trained me to look for the underlying cause when my students were triggered. I noticed how many triggers were responses to body sensations; hunger, sleepiness, a hard wired nervous system, etc.


If underlying but unconscious triggers were responses to body sensations what would happen if the body was employed to regulate emotions? I began using simple movement activities to help my students. They became more relaxed and related, and progressed more quickly, when they were given a regular sensory diet.

I've learned that directing physical energy with movement, meditation, breath and sound lays the framework for deep recovery. Together, let's explore what works for you!

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