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My Story

My desire to help mothers stems from my experience raising my own children. As a divorced mom of four, I was overwhelmed trying to balance work, my children's needs and my own desire for personal fulfillment. I felt like I was stretched in too many directions at once. I loved my work as a Special Educator and Parent Coach but I thought mother was spelled M A R T Y R.

One day I heard a deep inner voice telling me now was the time to fulfill a long held dream of becoming a Kundalini Yoga teacher. During the training we were required to do a 40 day movement and meditation practice. I was amazed at how much my feelings of anxiety and stress decreased and how much more I trusted my inner voice. My parenting got better as I felt calmer and clearer. My life got more fulfilling as I learned that my inner guidance was always calling me in the direction of growth and joy.


That's why I created Soulful Mothering.It's designed to help mothers raise empowered resilient children while nurturing themselves and their careers. My 3 part framework is a complete system that will help you manage overwhelm and self doubt. It includes parenting strategies to help you and your child thrive, body-mind practices to help you feel calm, and community building so you feel safe and supported. It's designed to help you raise empowered resilient children while nurturing yourself and your career.

I'm so excited to share this with you so you can reimagine mothering and have it all.

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