• Yael Sunshine

Listening to the Callings of Your Soul

Have you ever reached a place in your life where you know you just need to stop? What you're doing isn't working and it's a time for a major overhaul? The past fifteen months has been a time of incredible change, challenge and growth. I chose to listen to a deep calling from the roots of my being.

About 18 years ago, yes, that long ago, I knew I wanted to be a Kundalini Yoga teacher.  I explored many avenues to join a training and none of them worked with my responsibilities as a mother of four young children. My dreams were put on the shelf and I reluctantly enrolled in a hatha yoga training. At that time I had a very strong hatha practice and it seemed to make sense. 

I dove head first into the training. I loved exploring the postures and yoga philosophy and was proud and excited to receive certification. Yet something kept niggling at me. I found myself returning again and again to Kundalini practices, music and teachings. It resonated on a very deep level.

Fast forward to last September. I was depleted; exhausted by my work and life. There was absolutely no fuel left in my tank. An inner voice told me it was now or never. Time to finally pursue my long held dream. I wasn't even sure I wanted to teach but I knew the practice would revive me spiritually and emotionally. 

As soon as I enrolled, a family crisis hit. I wondered if I should ask for a refund and put everything on hold. My inner voice came back stronger than ever.  The chance might never come again. Time to make my life and happiness a priority.

The training pushed me to show up for myself in ways I never had before. I developed discipline and tenacity. I made new friends and found a spiritual mentor. The teachings of Yogi Bhajan became a rich source of continual inspiration. Surprisingly, I found new joy and direction in my profession as a Special Educator and Yoga Therapist. I find myself in a state of gratitude, even when unexpected glitches come into my path. 

In the New Year we make many resolutions. What are you longing for? What are your deepest desires for living an inspired life? The time to listen to the callings of your soul is always NOW. 

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